At, our mission is to be the most amazing community for people who love video games. We want to provide an online space where you can meet likeminded souls to exchange ideas, be introduced to new games and find gaming friends to play alongside and against.

Create a Personalized Profile

Creating an account at is free. It’s as simple as choosing a username and picking an avatar, but it also lets you define what your gaming interests are. Our system can use that information to pair you with other gamers, and you can use it to track threads you’re interested in and know when your buddies are online regardless of what platform they’re using.

The Video Gaming Hub Forums

Our message boards are the heart and soul of this site. In fact, this was the basis for it. We started simply as a small community of gamers that grew and grew until we became what we are today. We’re not done growing either. That growth relies on gamers like you, and our message boards are a great way to introduce yourself. What’s your favorite game or a good game you’re playing right now? Most games have a dedicated forum, so find it, and start sharing your tips, ideas, criticisms or whatever.

User Blogs

Another way that you can share with our community is to participate in our user blogs. Have something to say about a particular game or an entire genre? Join a blogging team or create your own blog. Another way that you can participate is through our comments system. Interact with the author and the audience, and authors and commenters who continue to make this site a better place will be recognized with badges, privileges, special benefits and much more.

Find What You’re Looking For

Another way that we help our community socialize is through a looking for group and looking for clan system. Let’s say you have a few hours for Rocket League but need a partner. LFG is a great way to find a person to pair up with, and you may even make longtime gaming buddies this way. LFC is similar but designed for people who want a more permanent spot within a guild or clan. Guilds advertise, so you can peruse those wanted ads, or you can post an LFC profile.

Live Streams

Our admin team hosts live streams on Twitch almost every night of the week, and on weekends, we’ll often have multiple streams going. Some of our streams are similar each week, such as Grady’s Call of Duty stream where you can watch him play or even join in on the fun. Other streams, such as Sarah’s, are much more diverse and tend to focus on whatever indie or AAA title is hot that week. We also have competitions that are a real blast not because of player skill level but because of the caliber of person we tend to attract to them.